Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Goodbye "Ring-Ring," Hello Ringback Tones?

As a caller, when you dial a cell phone number - or a regular telephone for that matter, you typically hear the standard "ring-ring" until the phone is answered at the other end. That's been normal, perhaps since the telephone was invented. But maybe not much longer.

If MyCaller, a fledgling cell phone solution, follows the cell phone ringtones craze, "ring-ring" may soon become ringback tones.

What are ringback tones? They can be music or other personalized sounds played based on a profile selected by the mobile phone subscriber you are calling. Ringback tones are similar to ringtones but work quite differently. >>>MORE ...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Chalk One Up For Camera Phones

It's cell phones to the rescue. Just as the major cell phone carriers are expanding broadcasts of "missing child" Amber Alerts to cell phones via text messaging, Dallas, Texas, police is encouraging you to snap a picture with your camera phone if you witness a crime and it is safe to do so.

Case in point - according to a Dallas NBC TV affiliate news report, a cell phone camera photo taken by a bystander has provided the lead police needed in a slaying outside a west Dallas gas station last Friday.

Although camera phones can be abused, cell phones and camera phones have tremendous practical benefits and applications.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Cell Phone May Be What The Doctor Ordered

What will they think of next. A new sporty cell phone by Nokia comes loaded with a Fitness Coach application - a personal trainer that encourages you to go the extra mile while exercising; an FM radio to keep you company if you are not already using the phone's audio messaging feature; and thanks to its camera phone, you can make your very own highlight reel of your proud performance.

The Nokia 5140i is designed for fitness enthusiasts and hooks up to sports instruments and heart monitors. Sounds likes an athlete's dream cell phone. >>>MORE ...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Rugged Cell Phone For Hard Knocks

Most cell phones are not built for hard knocks; they are not designed to be dropped too often, if at all. If you are prone to dropping yours, you may need a rugged cell phone. Here's a tip.

Nextel and Motorola have just released the Motorola i605, said to be the first rugged Bluetooth cell phone. It is designed primarily for industrial use, but it just might do the trick for consumers who need a durable phone. The i605 is not a bad looking phone either. Take a look. >>>MORE ...