Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Round of Golf By Cell Phone Anyone?

It's a rainy day around here - not a good day to be on the golf course. But maybe a round of golf with your friends is still a great idea - not on the golf course, but over your cell phones. Remember cell phones are not just for talking anymore. Some phones like Nokia's N-Gage models were designed specifically with gaming in mind.

Industry research indicates the trend in wireless phone gaming will produce a billion dollar market for U.S. telecom companies alone by 2006. Judging by this latest game called Golf Club 3D, the three-dimensional graphic effects are definitely on the up swing. >>>MORE ...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Cell Phone Data Eraser

It's Earth Day and what better time to talk about recycling cell phones. Survey results published today say that over 47% of Americans hang on to their old cell phones when they get an upgrade. That certainly beats tossing cell phones in the trash, which would be bad for the environment.

But recycling is the way to go and there's a new tool that makes it easier to get your old cell phone ready to donate or sell. Called the Cell Phone Data Eraser, it provides a set of simple commands to clean your personal information from the phone. And it is free - that helps. >>>MORE ...

Monday, April 18, 2005

"The Spot Wireless" Turns One This Week

Speaking of mobile infotainment, here's an early reminder about The Spot. Some call it the cell phone's wireless answer to TV reality shows. In any case, the web-based soap series will celebrate its one-year anniversary on Wednesday, April 20, with a special half-hour episode on

The mobile version of the soap drama is called The Spot Wireless. It is available to Sprint PCS Vision subscribers for $3.95 monthly and allows you to interact with the cast members via text and voice messaging following each Internet episode. >>>MORE ...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mobile Infotainment

What did we ever do without cell phones? Actually it wasn't that long ago when there were no cell phones. But look how far we have come. And if the latest cell trends in cell phones are any indication, we have barely seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The cell phone is fast becoming the centerpiece of a new information and entertainment delivery mechanism like no other - mobile infotainment. Cell phone "bells and whistles" now include MP3 players, video recorders, radio-TV programming and, of course, digital cameras.

Does your cell phone do all that? Either way, you'll be ready for an upgrade sooner than later. But will you really be ready? Are you up on all the latest and greatest phones?

Let me introduce you to, a web site about what the cell phone is turning into - much more than just a cell phone.

Here's the plan. I'll periodically blog a summary of what's new in cell phones here for you, then you can click over to the web site if you want more information on:

Latest Cell Phones & Trends
Current Reviews of Cell Phones
Practical Benefits of Cell Phones
Tips & Tools for the Best Deals on Cell Phones

There's lots of helpful information to get you up to speed and keep you updated on what's new with cell phones and the trends in mobile infotainment.